Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Trending Tweets About: missasubuhi

Trending Tweets About: missasubuhi

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Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Bella Jackson passed away this week by a tracic acczident on January 31. 2010

Bella Jackson is death.
A beautiful young woman who I meet at my networks,my best friend now passed away this past week on January 31 by an tracic acczident. Her Album was just ready to launched.
I woudnt close the support page cause she was very happy abt. it.
I change this site to a memory page. May an angel go home, she left us her nice and soulful music.
God bless Isabella Jackson

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Lebenslauf von Isabella Jackson/Bella Jackson Musicstar

Ich möchte hier den Lebenslauf von Bella Jackson vorstellen. Ich habe den Support für Bella übernommen,und hoffe breite unterstützung zu bekommen.

Date of Birth:  23rdFebruary 1984
Music Genre:  R&B/POP
Music Influences: ChristinaAguillera,Kelly Clarkson^,Leona Lewis,Beyonce,Michael Jackson,
Delta Goodrem and Celine Dion.

Rising Star,bella Jackson has never-ending supply of energy when it comes comes to music and dance. its a fuelthat burns with great intensity,ignited by the heat of her powerful soulful voice and the charisma and passion she puts into every performance.

New Zealand born,Bella whos part Spanish,Irish,European,African,Indian and Finnish,is a vocalist capable of multi genres with a unique vocal control and range.Classically vocal trained,Bella is a lyricColoratura Soprano and has memories (from age one) of singing with a microphone in hand,putting on performances in front of her family and friends.

Processing a dynamic and magnetic stage presence, Bella is dedicated and genuine in everything she does. creating music purely to inspirt others,Bella hopes to make a positive impact on  other peoples lives. Bella has been  acting since she was just 5 years old in high profile theatre and musical productions for various societies ,nearly always acquiring the lead role. Captivating her audiencesright throughout the show and leaving them mesmerized.

Appealing to a wide demographic audience of ages ranging from 7-50 years,bella relates espectionally well with all age groups and animals. Bella can also play the piano and the recorder and has a friendly,bubbly personality with a positive, can do attitude.

Leaning to dance from age 4, Bella has dance experience in various styles  including ballet, Irish, Jazz and hip hop. Bella also excels in horse riding, ice-skating,gymnastics and takes part  in various sporting events and athletics.

Currently receiving airplay of her original music from radio stations in New Zealand and online ,College Underground Radio-the number one internet radio station for college and underground radio-has just acczeptet Bella into their Discover program.

Bella is an intelligent,talented young woman, with a very bright future ahead of her.

Der Text wurde mir von Bella zur Verfügung gestellt.      Roger Beleffi alias missasubuhi (Supporter)